Riot Games Reveals Which 'League of Legends' Skins Were the Hardest to Make

League of Legends has many skins for players to choose from across over 140 champions, but Riot Games said that two different types of skins stood out as some of the most challenging cosmetics to create.

Within an Ask Riot post where Riot Games answers questions submitted by players, a user had asked "Which League skin was the hardest to make?" Riot I Am Carlos began a response to the question by saying that it's difficult to answer since "hardest" could be interpreted differently when looking at the effort put into skins. Proposing two different ways of answering the question, the Rioter said that the Elementalist Lux skin was the "most intense" in terms of time, an answer that League skin collectors might've expected considering how involved the skin is. The video above from Skin Spotlights shows that skin in action in all of its 10-form glory.

"Elementalist Lux was the most intense timewise with all the forms, animations, visual effects and sound effects," Riot I Am Carlos said. "But the core concept didn't really change much from the beginning. We knew what we wanted to make and went for it."

The Ultimate League of Legends skin cost 3,250 RP when it was released with a more expensive version offering more with the cosmetic, the base version of the skin coming in at just around $25. Included in the skin are 10 different elemental forms for Lux, a package that essentially turns it into 10 different skins rolled into one premium price.

More recent than the Elementalist Lux skin is the K/DA line of cosmetics, the K-pop-themed champion skins that were released for Akali, Kai'Sa, Evelynn, and Ahri. The Rioter described this series of skins as the "most difficult line" in recent memory with over 70 different designs worked through before getting to the final version.


"The recent K/DA skins might have been the most difficult line we've done in the past few years from the perspective of time and number of people we had to get on the same page," the Rioter continued. "We had to do a ton of research and tried many different designs, and applied a massive amount of feedback and revisions. With these, the concept artists (the true heroes on this thematic, really), went through over 70 different design iterations to make sure the skins looked awesome in game while paying homage to the genre. Normally, 1350s go through about five iterations depending on complexity, so yeah, that was hard as hell."

Both the Elementalist Lux skin and the K/DA skins are now available to purchase to see their complex innerworkings in action.