League of Legends Reveals SSG Skins

A first in-game look at League of Legends' Samsung Galaxy skins was shared today with each skin getting previewed along the pro players who helped craft the skins.

Following SSG's victory at the 2017 World Championship, the Korean team chose six skins, one for each of the team's core players, to pay tribute to the champs they used throughout the competitive season. The skins were previewed once before in March with concepts for the skins previewed in a State of Skins video, but you can now see what they'll look like in the game. If you have a PBE account, you can even try them yourself since they're now enabled on the test servers.

The bugs and feedback post set up for the skins on the PBE boards showed the turnarounds of all six skins, one each for Gnar, Ezreal, Jarvan IV, Taliyah, Xayah, and Rakan. In the same order as the skins, the players who picked their respective champion cosmetics are CuVee, Haru, Ambition, Crown, Ruler, and CoreJJ. You can see them all in the preview above as the players do their best to recreate the recall animations of the skins, Xayah's and Rakan's duo animation included as well.

Each of the skins was crafted with Korean culture in mind, Riot Games skin producer Riot Stellari explained on Twitter. The Rioter broke down the references in each one while also adding that the skins still have likenesses to the players that picked them in some ways.


The skins will be priced at 1350 RP once they're available to buy and will be Legacy products, so they'll only be purchasable for a limited time.