League of Legends' Unlocked Statues Back in Stock With New Ekko Figure

More of the collectible League of Legends Unlocked figures are now back in stock along with a brand new statue for League's time-rewinding champion.

The Unlocked statues found in Riot Games' extensive line of merch may cost a bit more than the traditional collectible figures, but their detail and posing possibilities certainly make up for the price difference. Where a normal figure will run League fans for $25, the Unlocked figures cost $65 each.

With Ekko being added to the lineup of Unlocked figures, the mid laner brings the collection to a total of four different options. Katarina, Ashe, and Vi are the other three statue options in the merch store, each one of them standing at just around 10 inches tall.

Some of the options also have normal collectible figures in addition to the Unlocked ones, Ekko being one of those champs. When asked about some champions doubling up on their amounts of figures while other champions have yet to receive one at all, Riot Games replied to questions on their Facebook page and said that they hope to "add a couple of Special and Limited edition figures to the Unlocked line in 2018/19 as it grows."

It was also reiterated once again through the merch store's Facebook page that they plan on adding two more of the Unlocked statues sometime later this year, but what champions those will be for remains to be seen. One player suggested Ahri as a candidate for the Unlocked line of collectibles, and Riot responded by saying that they plan on releasing a redesign of the current Ahri statue later this year, but it didn't clarify if it'd definitely fall into the Unlocked category or not.


In addition to the Unlocked statues, the Riot Games Merch store is currently filled to the brim with all kinds of new items ranging from pixelated collectibles to merch that's out of this world. Prior to the Unlocked figures returning, the Arcade skin line took over the store with pins, clothing, and other collectibles. But now, the Star Guardians are dominating the merch store with tiny figures and anime-style clothing.

You can see all of the Unlocked figures here in addition to plenty of other League of Legends collectibles.