League of Legends' Worlds Event Store Will Get More Loot

League of Legends’ Worlds 2019 event is a long one since it has to span the entirety of the World Championship, so there’s a lot of time there for players to earn and spend their Worlds Tokens. You’ll get a fixed amount of tokens from just playing games and completing normal missions, but for those who get the Worlds Pass and earn them quicker, you’ll find yourself with quite the stash. You’ll also have more things to spend those tokens on as the Worlds 2019 event continues.

Riot Games confirmed that the event store set up for this Worlds event will be getting new Worlds Tokens loot in the first answer within its latest Ask Riot post. Players wanted to know whether the current offerings would be the only ones they’d find throughout the event, and while we don’t know what else will be coming, we know that the store will have more to offer.

“Yes! We’ll be adding more things you can spend your Worlds tokens on throughout the course of the event, including a Prestige skin for Qiyana,” Riot Games product manager KenAdamsNSA said in the Ask Riot post.

The Qiyana skin referenced there was part of another announcement from the same Rioter which was shared at the end of September. There’d been some discussion about when Qiyana’s Prestige Edition skin would be released this year and how players would be able to add it to their collections, so the Rioter cleared things up by saying the skin would indeed be released during the Worlds Event and that it’d be available for Worlds Tokens.

We still don’t know what the skin will look like though aside from some rumors about it pointing towards another musical theme like last year’s K/DA group. If those rumors turn out to be true, it seems likely that some of the other loot added to the Worlds store will relate to that skin by way or Summoner Icons, Chromas, and similar options.


League of Legends’ Worlds 2019 event began not long ago and still has a while to go before it ends, so you’ll have time to collect more tokens. Even so, it might be wise to keep some stashed for whatever could come later if you weren’t already doing that in preparation for the Qiyana skin.

The Worlds 2019 event is going on now and will continue until November 19th.