Legends of Runeterra Fixes Critical Bugs With Hotfix

Legends of Runeterra quietly released a hotfix yesterday evening to fix several critical bugs involving multiple core cards. Riot Games' new online and mobile card game patched some errors yesterday afternoon, which mostly served to fix critical errors involving Champion cards. Most of the issues involved Champions' abilities not working correctly when they leveled up, leading to some cards being way overpowered or cards not working as intended. Riot Games fixed errors related to three champions - Sejuani's leveled up ability will now always work, even when factoring in start-of-round effects, Lee Sin will now receive a Barrier when players cast a second spell, even if he had leveled up in the middle of a round, and Vi will no longer temporarily gain +8 attack power when she levels up. Additionally, Twisted Fate will now be playable with a full board.

While Legends of Runeterra has been in open beta for months, the game officially released last weekend on both PC and mobile devices, while also releasing a new expansion consisting of 120 new cards and several new mechanics. While Legends of Runeterra uses League of Legends characters, it's a remarkably accessible game, even for players who have never played a free-to-play online card game or League of Legends. Players build decks using cards from two of seven regions and attempt to destroy their opponent's nexus. Legends of Runeterra uses three different kinds of cards - Champion cards, follower cards, and spell cards. While both Champion cards and follower cards can attack and defend the nexus, Champion cards level up on reaching certain conditions, becoming even more powerful over time.

You can read Riot Games' full list of hotfix notes on Reddit. A new Patch will also be released next week, fixing even more bugs and making other changes.