‘Lego DC Super-Villains’ DLC Announced, Featuring ‘Aquaman’

WB Games' Lego DC Super-Villains is easily one of the most entertaining Lego games to date, thanks to its fun story and its entertaining list of characters. But there's more where that came from, thanks to new DLC that will be added to the game starting next month.

Lego DC

But, instead of focusing on the bad guys, the new DLC will instead turn to a hero that we've been waiting for -- Aquaman!

Based on the forthcoming film of the same name, the first DLC for Super-Villains will feature the aquatic hero and his friends, set to release on December 4. The first pack, Aquaman Movie Part 1, will introduce new themed levels based on the film, while the second, Aquaman Movie Part 2, will arrive on January 8. The packs will be available as part of a Season Pass for $14.99, or you can purchase them separately for $5.99.

Lego DC 2

Here's the description that WB Games provided to us in the press release:

"The action-packed Aquaman movie packs offer players the chance to control DC's legendary pair, Aquaman and Mera, in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. It's up to them to lead their people against Aquaman's brother, Orm, who seeks to unite the seven kingdoms against the surface world. The packs expand the main game's already large roster of over 150 iconic DC characters. The first pack adds new playable characters Aquaman (Gladiator), Black Manta (Movie), Mera, Orm (Gladiator), King Nereus and Queen Atlanna. The second pack adds new playable characters Aquaman (Movie), Vulko, Trench Creature, Murk, Brine King and Orm (Movie)."

This is just the beginning for the game's DLC plans, as the Season Pass will likely introduce new content throughout 2019, including a content pack based on Shazam!, as well as others. We'll let you know as soon as these details are revealed.

For the time being, however, this Aquaman pack should be a lot of fun for those excited for the forthcoming Jason Momoa film, and will give Lego DC Super-Villains additional replay value. Not that it really needed it, but, hey, we'll take a good aquatic adventure when we can get it!


Aquaman arrives in theaters on December 21. Lego DC Super-Villains is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.