Lost Ark Teases New Classes, Roadmap Reveal

Lost Ark players will soon get a look at the game's next roadmap to preview some content planned for April and May, and with that will come a peek at some classes that'll later join the MMO. Smilegate RPG didn't specify which classes would be on that roadmap nor did they give any hints about the roles or when they'd release, but classes weren't the only bits of content teased with raids and continents and more also set to be included in the roadmap.

The talks of the roadmap and the classes teased within were shared in a post from Smilegate that kicked off the month by talking about the top issues facing the game. While getting a new roadmap isn't an issue itself, some players may take issue with the fact that the April and May roadmap won't be coming until April itself whereas these sorts of roadmaps are usually shared well in advance. Smilegate acknowledged that frustration and said it hopes to "prioritize quality and accuracy over speed of delivery."

A date for the release of the next roadmap still wasn't given, but Smilegate did give a preview of the previews it'll contain. Smilegate naturally warned that content shown on the roadmap may be adjusted or moved around based on the feedback received from the community, but it sounds like the preview of the next two months of content will have plenty to look forward to.

"When the roadmap comes it will provide a sneak peek at the upcoming classes, raids, continents and other updates that we're aiming to release in our April and May monthly content updates," Smilegate said. "It will not share every change or include every event, issue fix, or quality life improvement included in weekly updates throughout those months. It is possible that it may even change based on both data and feedback that we receive."


Classes and raids and more all sound like they'll be worth looking forward to, and the promise of more changes and events not included in the roadmap should give players some surprises throughout April and May. Again, no release date has been set yet for this roadmap, but hopefully the next one will come prior to the months that it's supposed to cover.