Magic: The Gathering Cuts Ties With Artist Noah Bradley

Wizards of the Coast has officially announced that it has cut ties with Magic: The Gathering [...]

Wizards of the Coast has officially announced that it has cut ties with Magic: The Gathering artist Noah Bradley following accusations of "inappropriate sexual conduct" and Bradley's own admission that he had been, in his own words, "one of those shitty, creepy sexual predators you hear about." According to the company, it will no longer commission art from him and will even go so far to remove his art from any reprints.

"Magic has a long-standing reputation in the fantasy art community for working with amazing independent artists who bring the Magic universe to life for players and our community," the company's statement reads. "Wizards is committed to nurturing a safe and fun environment for all in its community and does not tolerate abusive behavior or harassment."

"Unfortunately, an artist that we work with, Noah Bradley, engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with members of the Magic and artist community," the statement continues. "His actions do not reflect the values of Wizards nor the Magic community and, accordingly, today we are cutting ties with Noah—we will no longer commission artwork from him, and we will remove reprints of his work from our products."

The company does note however that due to production pipelines being what they are, there is still going to be some of Bradley's art included in releases through February 2021. What, exactly, that might be remains to be seen, but it sounds like further printings will not include his art after that.

Magic: The Gathering's most recent set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, is now available, and Core 2021 is set to release digitally this week on June 25th with a tabletop release set for July 3rd. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular card game right here.