Magnetic Press Announces New TTRPG Imprint, Will Publish Carbon Grey RPG

Magnetic Press has announced a new tabletop RPG imprint, which will publish roleplaying games [...]

Magnetic Press has announced a new tabletop RPG imprint, which will publish roleplaying games based on projects such as Carbon Grey and Call of Cthulhu. Magnetic Press, a comics publisher known for its Eisner nominated projects like Mister Invincible: Local Hero and Pistouvi, has announced a new publishing imprint that will working on tabletop projects. Magnetic Press Play will be headed by game industry veteran Mike Kennedy and will launch with the release of a roleplaying game based on the Image comic book series Carbon Grey.

"Tabletop gaming is all about creating new stories through gameplay, and it's the kind of experience I've wanted to return to since leaving a 20-year career in video games," said Mike Kennedy, Founder and Publisher of Magnetic Press Play. "We've put an incredible amount of time and effort into creating a tabletop company and putting together our product lineup, and it's exciting to finally pull back the curtain on them!"

Carbon Grey is set in an alternate history that mixes World War I-era Europe with magic and dieselpunk. The sourcebook is being written by game designer Andrew E.C. Gaska, who previously wrote the Alien RPG from Free League and was the lead writer of the Terminator RPG from Nightfall Games. The Carbon Grey RPG will bring back the D6 System, which was used as the game engine for the original Star Wars and Ghostbusters RPGs.

Magnetic Press Play will also release a series of expansions for Call of Cthulhu, which will "make use of Magnetic Press's background in the graphic novel marketplace", along with several unannounced anime and manga licenses. More information about these other new projects will be launched later this year.

Magnetic Press Play represents another big player looking to jump into the tabletop gaming space. Magnetic Press is owned by Polarity, the media company that also owns Oni Press and Lion Forge. While Oni Press also releases a small number of tabletop board games, this is Polarity's first venture into tabletop RPGs.