Marvel: Crisis Protocol Adds New Ultimate Encounter Featuring Ultron

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has a new game mode that allows for multiple players to team up against a common foe. Earlier this week, Marvel: Crisis Protocol introduced its first "Ultimate Encounter," a new scenario in which two or more players form squads to battle a common threat. The first Ultimate Encounter is "All Will Be Metal," an encounter in which players attempt to stop Ultron from unleashing a Doomsday machine. The new scenario can be downloaded for free on Atomic Mass Games' website, complete with a modified character sheet for a powered-up version of Ultron.

Ultimate Encounters work a bit differently than normal scenarios in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. One player controls the Cosmic Threat - the villain of the scenario - while the other players form the Crisis Team. While normal Marvel: Crisis Protocol games allow different players to use the same characters, the Crisis Team can have only one of each character on their collective team. During the actual game, play rotates between the Crisis Team (who collectively activates three character) and the Cosmic Threat (who activates their character or one of its minions) until both sides have activated three times. Then, play resets. The Crisis Team might not be able to activate every character on their teams, and effects that would last a full round only last until the end of the Cosmic Threat's next activation.

In "All Will Be Metal," the Crisis Team faces off against Ultron as he tries to activate a Doomsday Device in the middle of the city. Players score Victory Points by evacuating citizens hiding under terrain features and by wresting control of four activation panels from Ultron's device. Meanwhile, Ultron scores points by either killing citizens, defeating heroes, or by controlling the activation panels and using them to power his Doomsday Device at the start of each turn. Players can also win by "dazing" Ultron five times, although his powers grow more unpredictable the more he's damaged.


You can download the complete rules to "All Will Be Metal" from Atomic Mass Games' website. Marvel: Crisis Protocol is available now.