'Marvel's Spider-Man' Reveals Another Iron Man Tie-In

WARNING: This article is pure speculation, but there could be story-related spoilers ahead. You [...]

WARNING: This article is pure speculation, but there could be story-related spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

Marvel's Spider-Man fans have been combing through hints, images, lore, and teasers looking for any confirmation that Iron Man will be in the game. Today, a new online issue of The Daily Bugle has dropped another Iron-Man-related hint, and we're thinking that it could all be building up to a very special in-game moment.

If you check out the latest issue of the Bugle and scroll about halfway down the "paper," you'll see a very clever advertisement for a company that any serious Marvel fan will recognize right away. That company is called Roxxon, and it's tied deeply into Marvel-verse lore. As many of you know, Roxxon's hired agents were responsible for the death of Tony Stark's parents, Howard and Maria Stark.

Roxxon, like most companies whose origins are in oil, is all about monopolizing energy. It's no surprise, then, that the company would partner up with various villains and mobsters to maintain its grip, and it's no surprise that the company would eventually find itself at odds with Stark Industries.

The advertisement seems innocent enough:

(Photo: Sony)

"As your trusted energy source for over a century," it reads, "we're working to ensure a clean future for everyone. Let's refine the future. Together."

Of course, we mentioned that there have been multiple hints that tie Iron Man into this new game and story, and we meant it. In addition to this new Roxxon cameo, we also covered a small slip of paper scene in the opening scene of the game that could hint at Tony Stark's presence.

You can check out the article and see the image for yourself here, but the gist is this: As a camera pans across Peter Parker's messy apartment, you can clearly see a sticky note stuck to his wall reminding him to get back to "T.S." regarding a job offer. We have a good feeling that T.S. stands for Tony Stark, and since we know that Peter Parker is a budding scientist and inventor looking to further his career, it seems likely that he could be forming a friendship or working relationship with Stark.

Could this lead to some action scenes starring both Spider-Man and Iron Man? The game's creative director has stated that we won't be playing as any other Avengers, but who knows, maybe we'll get to shake hands with Stark.

Marvel's Spider-Man launches for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on September 7, and we have plenty of coverage coming for you before then. Stay tuned!