Marvel's Avengers Will Explore The "Vulnerable" Side of Its Heroes

According to Crystal Dynamics, Marvel's Avengers on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia will [...]

According to Crystal Dynamics, Marvel's Avengers on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia will explore the human and vulnerable side of the Avengers, and will tell a story of perseverance. Further, it sounds like there's going to be some internal conflict between the ranks, presumably over the death of Captain America, which is confirmed in the game's debut trailer, and which causes the Avengers to initially disband.

"When the disaster happens, it levels the city, and now the Avengers are leaderless, as well as guilt-stricken," said creative director Shaun Escayg while speaking about the game's story. "We're going to journey to reassemble the Avengers and see whether they can persevere"

"A lot of the story is about the human element of these heroes," added Escayg. "How do they deal with guilt? How do they deal with loss? Can they put their differences aside?"

Escayg notes that one of his favorite characters is Bruce Banner because of how he's constantly in conflict with himself and who he is. On one hand, he's a very intelligent scientist and docile. On the other hand, he's an enraged beast that is a wrecking ball of destruction. Is Hulk a hero or is just he just dangerous? It's internal struggles like this that Crystal Dynamics really want to tap into.

"Then you have someone like Iron Man who's also very smart, very dependent on technology, very much about saving and protecting the world using technology, but he's also very arrogant. He takes chances where other Avengers won't," added Escayg. "There's conflict because of that."

"It's definitely going to explore them in those more vulnerable states," added Crystal Dynamics Vincent Napoli. "This is not the only way you're going to see them. That's part of what's cool about doing this kind of branching crazy story."

One of the big things driving the story is conflict, which seems to be causing division, hence the need to "reassemble." Of course, this isn't a very original, but it sounds intriguing. We've had plenty of Marvel games where it's just power-fantasy, arcadey fun. But we haven't had many games that explore the human side of the their heroes. Marvel's Spider-Man did this, and it was great for it. It was also a lot of fun too. Hopefully, Marvel's Avengers is as well, otherwise who cares about Bruce Banner's identity issues -- if it's not fun to smash things as Hulk, what's the point?

Marvel's Avengers will be available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia when it launches next year on May 15. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of next-gen or Nintendo Switch ports.

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