Marvel's Avengers Reveals New Trailer

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics released a new trailer for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers on Wednesday to bring its fans up to speed on the events that’ll transpire in the game. Marvel’s Avengers tosses its cast of iconic heroes into a world where AIM’s forces have replaced superheroes following a tragic incident that the group was blamed for. The trailer catches people up on these events and shows off parts of the customization options including heroes’ outfits, stat-changing gear, and abilities players can acquire.

The trailer can be seen above courtesy of PlayStation after it was released alongside a post on the PlayStation Blog that gave further insights into the game. Everything from the single-player missions to those you can take part in with others was touched on in the trailer.

“Marvel’s Avengers is a third-person action-adventure game where you play an all-new, original Avengers story reassembling Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” an overview of the trailer said. “This video dives deeply into how you customize Super Heroes’ Gear, Skills, Outfits, and how to launch missions from your helicarrier base of operations to take on AIM.”

For those who’ve been following the past announcements, you’ll already be familiar with most of the information frontloaded into the start of the trailer. The most interesting parts are near the end though when we get to see more gameplay of Kamala Khan and others using their superpowers. Gear that have numbers and stats attached to them can be equipped to augment how the characters play, and just as players did in Marvel’s Spider-Man and other RPGs, you’ll be able to pick different skills housed in various trees to create custom loadouts.

The PlayStation Blog post gave some more insights into these different characters and how the game’s creators feel about them. Black Widow, for example, is the hero Crystal Dynamics studio creative director Noah Hughes says they’re particularly enjoying right now thanks to her specialized gauntlets and skills.


“Her gauntlets have special attacks — you may have seen there are a couple Heroics you can trigger through Skills players can modify or upgrade, like her trademark Widow’s Bite,” Hughes said. “She’s also got her tonfa, which are awesome, and she can also combine them into a deadly bo staff. There’s just a wide and wild range of unique skills she can put into action.”

Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia platforms on May 15, 2020.