New Matrix Game Announced

Upper Deck has announced a new Legendary Encounters game based on The Matrix series of films. Legendary Encounters: The Matrix is the latest entry in the Legendary Encounters line of games and was officially unveiled at GenCon as part of a series of new licensed Upper Deck games. Like other Legendary Encounters games, Legendary Encounters: The Matrix is a standalone game but should have some cross-compatability with other games. Demos were available at GenCon and revealed that the game will be split up into "acts" that mimic the storyline from The Matrix trilogy of films. Instead of using stills from the movie, the art in Legendary Encounters: The Matrix are hand-drawn cartoons.

Unlike the Marvel Legendary games, the Legendary Encounters games are true co-op games, with each player controlling a specific character from the game. While much of the gameplay is the same as in the core Legendary game, each player has a unique starter card of some kind, which in Legendary Encounters: The Matrix is tied to a specific character. Players still build their deck by purchasing cards in a common market area, and they can buy cards tied to any character, although it may help to synergize your deck around your special ability.

This is the latest Legendary Encounters game, following the release of games based on the Alien, Predator, Firefly, X-Files and James Bond franchises. Upper Deck also has a long-running Legendary game based on the Marvel Universe, with regular expansions released annually. Most recently, Upper Deck announced plans to release Legendary expansions featuring Black Panther, as well as a "big box" expansion focused on the Infinity saga of Marvel movies. More details about those games are expected soon.

No release date or retail price has been announced for Legendary Encounters: The Matrix.