Metal Gear Solid Movie to Stay Faithful to Hideo Kojima's Games


Plans are still moving forward with the Metal Gear Solid film, and the director says that he intends to stick closely to the spirit of Hideo Kojima's renowned series.

The Metal Gear Solid series is actually owned by Konami and not Kojima himself, but the film's director Jordan Vogts-Roberts knows all too well where the games came from. While directing the game-based film, Vogts-Roberts expressed to Eurogamer in an interview how important it was to make sure the film lines up with something Kojima would approve of.

"Technically it's Konami's property," Vogts-Roberts said to Eurogamer. "I will always be making this movie to interpret and service the world that Kojima made. That's why all of us care about the words Metal Gear Solid."

Referencing the split between Konami and Kojima that occurred in 2015, Vogts-Roberts added that he and Kojima have stayed close, and the director intends to keep Kojima's vision in mind during the movie's creation.

"Regardless of their split - Kojima and I have become friends and colleagues, and it's important to me to shepherd something that he'd be proud of," Vogts-Roberts continued. "Konami's made incredible games, but Metal Gear - they supported him in making these games early on, but it's Kojima's voice and the voice of his colleagues and artists and designers, and I'll always be trying to service that."

Vogts-Roberts attracted quite a bit of attention for his work directing Kong: Skull Island, a film that allowed the director to gain a bit more trust from Sony and producers when planning out the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie. But as far as basing the movie off of a particular game goes, Vogts-Roberts says that a straight adaptation isn't the goal, but rather it's a mix of elements that come together to create a faithful film.

"It's not a direct adaptation of any particular game," Vogts-Roberts explained. "It'd sound too much like a modern statement to call it a remix, because that's not what it is, but it's trying to fuse a couple of different storylines together, and it's all tied together with a device I can't really talk about right now but that I'm really excited about. I think it's going to make a movie where people go 'whoah, I've not seen that before', and that's very cool. And I think it's very Kojima in its approach."


There's no word on which actors will play certain characters or when the project will be completed, but the Metal Gear Solid movie looks to be in safe hands with Vogts-Robert's direction and Kojima's vision.