Monster Hunter Rise: How to Find Gargwa Eggs and Bring Them Back to Camp

Monster Hunter Rise has several tedious tasks, but none are quite as frustrating as collecting Gargwa eggs. While playing through Monster Hunter Rise, players will eventually receive a Request from High Rank Hunter Ayame called "An Egg-cellent Idea." The request itself is rather simple - players will need to collect two Gargwa Eggs from the Shrine Ruins area. However, Gargwa Egg are one of the more frustrating items to collect in Monster Hunter Rise. While most items are automatically sent to your inventory, you'll actually have to pick up Gargwa Eggs and then deliver it all the way back to camp without dropping them.

Finding Gargwa Eggs are rather simple. You just need to find an area where the Gargwa (small monsters that resemble rainbow-plumed dodos) have appeared in the Shrine Ruins. The Gargwa most commonly appear near the river on the left-hand part of the camp, but they can spawn randomly in any part of the Shrine Ruins. Hitting a Gargwa from behind will cause it to drop one of two items - either a Gargwa Egg or a Golden Gargwa Egg.

Unfortunately, collecting the Gargwa Egg is only half the battle. Players will then need to deliver the egg back to their camp without dropping it. Running out of stamina or being attacked by a monster will cause you to automatically drop their egg. The egg will also break if you jump off a high ledge and hit the ground. You'll also drop the egg if you press the "Y" button or draw your weapon.

Luckily, there are a few ways to get back to camp safely - you can still run and use Wirebugs, which are great if you need to make a last-minute dodge to avoid a monster.

Once you retrieve two eggs and report back to Ayame, you'll receive plans for the Egg Hammer I. The Egg Hammer I does a whopping 200 base damage and can be upgraded to do 260 damage, making it one of the more powerful hammers in the game.


Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch now. Full coverage about the game, along with many handy guides, can be found here.