NBA 2K21 December 1 Update Released, Patch Notes Revealed

December is finally here, and the team behind NBA 2K21 is delivering a new update to begin the month in style. The game announced an update on Tuesday morning, bringing some much needed changes to a few game modes as well as some cosmetic updates to one of the most popular locations in the game. MyCareer, MyTeam, and the 2K Beach will all be affected by the new update.

The biggest change of the update is the holiday makeover coming to the 2K Beach. There will also be some changes to the camera settings in the Limitless free throw drill and some added difficulty options in Play With Friends games. It's worth noting that this update is only for the current generation systems.

Below, you can check out the patch notes as described by the 2K21 team:

  • General: Winter holiday has arrived at 2K Beach with new Seasonal decorations and themed courts now available.
  • MyCAREER: MyCOURT's Limitless free throw drill is now set to use the 2K camera setting.
  • MyTEAM: Added online VS, the difficulty used in MyTEAM Unlimited & Limited, to Play With Friends games.

As described above, the most noticeable change to 2K21 with this update is the holiday-themed decor at the 2K Beach. This update is just for the current generation systems, so only the 2K Beach is affected. The City, which replaced the 2K Beach in next-gen versions, will probably be getting a holiday makeover of its own in the near future.


"Imagine a map that is many, many times larger than previous Neighborhoods. A design that resembles a modern metropolis, complete with towering skyscrapers, sprawling plazas, and a city center. Oh, and it houses four distinct boroughs that are controlled by four rival Affiliations. And with that, I’m incredibly proud to announce that Affiliations are BACK! I’ll go into more details on Affiliations a little further below. For now, let’s keep painting the picture of what The City truly is," executive producer Erick Boenisch said of the expanded game mode.

"The City is our most ambitious execution of a virtual basketball community...ever. The sheer amount and variety of buildings and basketball courts that we were able to create and fit into the map still amazes me to this day!"

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