SNK's NeoGeo Mini International Pre-Orders Begin Tonight

SNK has announced that pre-orders for the NeoGeo mini International arcade console will begin in the U.S. starting tomorrow, September 12th. More specifically, they should be available on both Amazon and GameStop starting at 12:01 am PST (3:01 am EST). At the time of writing, pricing information wasn't made available, though it will probably run in the $110 to $150 range. Odds are pre-orders will go live on Amazon via this link. GameStop will likely have the console available here.

A no-frills trailer for the NeoGeo mini International version can be found above. The console includes a 3.5-inch display, an HDMI port for TV output, a headphone port, and two ports for controllers. Note that a standard NeoGeo mini is available now in Japan (and on Amazon for $200 with Prime shipping), but the International version features a slightly different design and selection of games. A list of the 40 games that are included on the International console can be found below.

• The King of Fighters '95
• The King of Fighters '97
• The King of Fighters '98
• The King of Fighters 2000
• The King of Fighters 2002
• Samurai Shodown II
• Samurai Shodown IV
• Samurai Shodown V Special
• Fatal Fury Special
• Real Bout Fatal Fury
• Garou: Mark of the Wolves
• World Heroes Perfect
• Kizuna Encounter
• Art of Fighting
• The Last Blade 2
• Ninja Master's
• Metal Slug
• Metal Slug 2
• Metal Slug X
• Metal Slug 3
• Metal Slug 4
• Metal Slug 5
• King of the Monsters
• King of the Monsters 2
• Sengoku3
• Shock Troopers
• Shock Troopers 2nd Squad
• Magician Lord
• Blue's Journey
• Robo Army
• Crossed Swords
• Mutation Nation
• 3 Count Bout
• Blazing Star
• Last Resort
• Ghost Pilots
• Top Player's Golf
• Super Sidekicks
• Football Frenzy
• Puzzled

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