New Pokemon Snap Gets a $10 Off Deal For Release Day

New Pokemon Snap is a Nintendo Switch exclusive that is out in the wild starting today, April 30th. If you didn't jump all over the game in pre-order, and you're willing to wait just a bit longer, it would be a good idea to grab a physical copy here on eBay for $49.99 ($10 off). Note that Nationwide Distributors is a reputable seller, discounts on new Nintendo Switch games are rare, and quantities are limited. They're even offering free shipping and returns.

At the time of writing, the game is expected to arrive on May 13th and May 14th with free standard shipping. While you wait, you can get up to speed on what to expect via our New Pokemon Snap review. You can check out all of the latest news on New Pokemon Snap right here.


You might also want to keep tabs on this Amazon link for the return of the Pokemon Pikachu Instax Mini Link printer bundle from Fujifilm. It's basically a modern twist on the Pokemon Snap stations that were available in Blockbuster stores for the original Nintendo 64 game. The printer bundle sells out in a heartbeat each time it becomes available. However, at the time of writing the printer without the Pikachu case can still be backordered on Amazon for $99.99.

New Pokemon Snap is the long-awaited sequel to the original Pokemon Snap game. New Pokemon Snap will follow the same basic gameplay pattern as the original - players will choose a course and then take photos of Pokemon as they slowly progress through a set route, using various items to lure Pokemon out and get them to exhibit unusual behavior.

However, New Pokemon Snap features several new innovations that should make gameplay a lot more enjoyable. In addition to having branching route options, each course can be leveled-up to add new Pokemon and new Pokemon behavior. Additionally, New Pokemon Snap will also feature more of a plot, as players are tasked with investigating the Illumina phenomenon, which causes Pokemon and some plants to glow. The cause of this phenomenon is unclear, but players can use Illumina Orbs to cause Pokemon and special plants called Crystabloom flowers to start glowing. The game likely has a ton more surprises to find, and players should look forward to spending hours trying to crack every mystery the Lental region has to offer.


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