New Pokemon Snap Has a Butt Problem

In a game about taking pictures of Pokemon in all their natural splendor, New Pokemon Snap players seem awfully fixated on Pokemon butts. New Pokemon Snap is out now, and thousands of players are now getting to explore the Lental region for the first time. One of the new features in New Pokemon Snap is the game's photo editing feature. Not only can a New Pokemon Snap player crop a photo or zoom in, they can also add various stickers and filters that they unlock by completing various requests. Players can then post these edited photos to their profile page, where they are automatically shared to other players connected to the Internet.

There's only one problem with giving players the ability to edit Pokemon photos with stickers - many players have decided that this is the perfect opportunity to showcase various Pokemon butts. Not only are we getting close-up shots of Bidoof's bidoof, some players are also using stickers to....uh, elaborate what a Pokemon does with its rear end. One particular sticker getting used in photos is that of a shutter, which when placed in the center of a Pokemon's butt....well, it looks like a small round hole that marks the end of a digestive system. The more innovative players are even using umlauts and other accents to include certain words that would otherwise be flagged by the game's filters.

While the Pokemon butt pictures appear at random when using New Pokemon Snap's social features, you can get a pretty good smattering by visiting the /r/NewPokemonSnap community over on Reddit. Some of the top posts on that board include captions like "When you can‘t handle the spicy food" or "When you eat Taco Bell."

Keep in mind that New Pokemon Snap is part of a franchise made for 10-year olds, an age group that fully appreciates the subtle nuances of potty humor. However, you may want to keep your game offline when playing New Pokemon Snap with younger kids, or you may end up having to explain the meaning behind a photo titled "Bütthölé" that pops up on the side of your screen.

New Pokemon Snap is available now.