New Resident Evil 7's "Not a Hero" DLC Gets New Screenshots

New Resident Evil 7 screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming DLC titled Not a Hero. The new screens were presented at this year's Tokyo Game Show and star fan favourite Chris Redfield.

Chris Redfield is a veteran to the Resident Evil franchise from the very beginning. Watching him grow through the years, both narratively and graphically. Even his boot looks pretty nifty while he's smashing the head of a Molded. Because that's always fun.

Not a Hero 1

Not a Hero will takes place immediately after the events in Resident Evil 7. What makes this next step in the adventure fun, however, is that players will no longer be in the boots of the game's original protagonist, Ethan Winters. Instead, RE fans will once again say hello to Redfield as the fan favourite once again comes back to kick butt and take names. Those who are interested in revisiting an old friend, the upcoming DLC is free for those that already own the title.

Not a Hero 2

Chris Redfield is a mercenary commander that was employed by the Umbrella Co. after the original facilitaties were left abandoned. He's had a long-standing role with the beloved franchise and those partaking in the Resident Evil 7 storyline will see him once more as he recovered both the game's protagonist Ethan Winters, as well as his wife Mia Winters.

Not a Hero 3

Because this character's identity has been left open to debate throughout the years, many speculate if this is actually even Redfield himself. That skepticism is fair considering he looks completely different than any of his past incarnations.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Not a Hero drops for all platforms on December 12th. For those interested in the game's gold edition that includes all of the DLCs planned both released and on the way, it is available now and retails for an additional $14.99.