Nicolas Cage Is Coming To a Virtual Reality Film For Oculus

Oh, Nicolas Cage. There are several folks out there that are easily a fan of his, whether they [...]

Nicolas Cage 2

Oh, Nicolas Cage. There are several folks out there that are easily a fan of his, whether they appreciate his work from the 80's, his appearances in action films like Con Air and The Rock, or his latest run of direct-to-home releases. And soon, he'll be hitting a new front where viewers can literally be taken along for the ride – virtual reality.

Resetera has noted that a forthcoming Cage, The Humanity Bureau, is receiving a companion virtual reality film, in which fans can strap on their Oculus VR headset and enjoy the ride that is Nicolas Cage. Oh, and the action that comes with it, of course.

"The Humanity Bureau VR Movie App is a custom themed multi format movie experience app," the product description reads. "You'll be invited to the VR episodic premiere of The Humanity Bureau VR featuring Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage. You'll be teleported and immersed into the exclusive The Humanity Bureau VR movie lounge to enjoy rich selection of content: The Humanity Bureau VR cinematic experience in 7 episodes, bonus material from behind the scenes and making of, the feature film movie trailers, Standard 2D, Barco Escape formats and on Earth Day 2018 you will get the full feature length movie in Standard 2D and the unique and very special Barco Escape (3-screen) format version that will revolutionize the future of cinema."

Nicolas Cage

Based on this IMDB listing, the companion film is set to release on April 6 through on-demand, with a cast that also includes Sarah Lind and Jakob Davies. Here's the official plot description:

"A dystopian thriller set in the year 2030 that sees the world in a permanent state of economic recession and facing serious environmental problems as a result of global warming."

The movie is available now for Oculus, and expected for other devices sometime this year, and some events are likely to take place leading up to the film's release next month.

We haven't seen it yet, so we can't say how it would turn out yet. But, man, what we wouldn't give to have a Con Air virtual reality experience. (C'mon, you know you would try it.)