Ninja: War for the Dominions Graphic Novel Gets a Release Date

Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is continuing his graphic novel series later this year [...]

Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is continuing his graphic novel series later this year with Ninja: War for the Dominions scheduled to release on May 18th. The new graphic novel follows the previous entry in the series called Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game and continues the story told in the first with Ninja and his friends continuing their fight against Strigus Thule and Thule's army of Great Beasts.

The release date for the new graphic novel was announced this week alongside the confirmation of the talent that'll be working on the book. It's written by Justin Jordan with artwork by Mike Anderson and Felipe Magaña, and the hope with this graphic novel is that it'll give Ninja's fans a new way to engage with the streamer's works.

With this book picking up right where the last one left off, the people inhabiting Thule's 1000 different Dominions rebel which prompts Thule to release the Great Beasts. Ninja and his friends stick around in the battle royale game realm called "Ketterung" to free the Dominions from Thule's charge instead of returning home in a battle that'll see them fight against the Great Beasts and likely Thule himself in the end.

Speaking to Complex about his graphic novel, Ninja said that Ninja: War for the Dominions was the final graphic novel that they have planned for the time being. He also stressed that he's not the one who's writing the books and praised those who were while saying he himself had a "terrible way with words and timing."

When asked how his graphic novel series came about, Ninja said it wasn't something he dreamed about but ended up something he loved being a part of.

"My agency at the time, they were like, 'Hey, Ty, people want to do a book on you, [a] whole series,'" Ninja told Complex. "They wanted to start it with my book, Get Good, which, that one was a lot of work. And I was like, 'All right. You know what? Let's do it.' To be immortalized as a character in a graphic novel? I was pumped for that. I was not a comic guy growing up, but I've always loved comics, the idea of it, and the passion behind people who love comic books. Just like the same thing [with] sneakerheads. So, no, this wasn't something that I dreamed about, but it's something that I absolutely love."

Ninja: War for the Dominions is scheduled to release on May 18th.