Nintendo Provides ARMS, Super Mario Odyssey Goodies For 2018

Nintendo new Year

We're just a few hours away from the start of a new year, and Nintendo is already set to hit it on the right foot, with a number of digital goodies that fans will definitely want to take advantage of.

First off, the company's official ARMS Twitter account has posted a celebratory image featuring one of its beloved characters downing a plate of…well, something. (Grey sushi?) All the while, other characters celebrate around him, popping open a bottle of soda and swinging around turkey legs like they're going out of style. You can see the image below, and make it your phone background if you're all about ARMS.

Translated from Japanese, the team's message reads: "New year's Eve party ARMS lab! Here is the pattern here party Jack them! #DNAMan"

Nintendo New Year 2

Next up, the official Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account has posted a couple of goodies as well, including a digital calendar for the month of January,a s well as a new phone wallpaper. In each, Mario, dressed up in one of his decorative outfits, decides to take Cappy for a spin on a top, letting it loose while it spins (nearly) out of control. Both images are the same, and can be found below.

"A happy new year!" the team's Twitter message reads. "2018 even Super Mario Odyssey' thank you. Mario Cape, along frame turning new year! January calendar and wallpaper here!"

Nintendo New Year 3
Nintendo New Year 4

Sure, we'd like to actually see some New Year's goodies given away in the games themselves, but it never hurts to have these digital freebies on hand, especially as you look to ring in 2018. Kudos to Nintendo for giving a little something to gamers as January begins to roll around.

Super Mario Odyssey and ARMS are available now for the Nintendo Switch.