Nintendo Has Retweeted Capcom’s Mega Man Live Streaming Event, But What Does It Mean?

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So, in case you Capcom fans somehow missed out on the news, the publisher will be hosting a special Mega Man 30th Anniversary live stream starting tomorrow, celebrating everything that the Blue Bomber has accomplished.

Capcom has promised some "surprises" during the live reveal, speculating that we could possibly see a new game announced, such as a compilation (Mega Man X Collection, please) or maybe even something entirely new (is Mega Man 11 out of the question?).

But things just got a little bit more interesting, as Nintendo could possibly be involved in this party. This tweet was sent out earlier this week, announcing the live stream and promising special activities during the two-hour event.

But here's the thing – if you take a look over at Nintendo of America's Twitter account, you'll see that the company has retweeted this announcement.

Now, this could be nothing. Nintendo could just be retweeting the announcement because the Blue Bomber got his start on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the publisher could be feeling nostalgic. But what if, instead, we could be seeing some kind of announcement for the Nintendo Switch?

After all, we haven't seen a Mega Man game release for any sort of Nintendo platform since the original Mega Man Legacy Collection made its appearance on the 3DS years ago. (Which left us wondering why the second Collection didn't follow suit.) A new Switch compilation featuring both Collections would hit the spot – and we'd certainly take something new as well.

And before you say, "Well, what if Capcom and Nintendo aren't getting along?", that's not the case. The company has been slowly but surely releasing games for the Switch, including last week's Resident Evil: Revelations Collection, and let's not forget that Mega Man appeared as a playable character in the last Super Smash Bros. No sour grapes here.


We'll see what the announcement brings tomorrow, but Switch owners could be in for some very good news. After all, Capcom is going all out for this announcement. And if you don't believe us, check out the birthday package it's been sending out to press outlets all weekend long. It sure knows how to party.

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