Nintendo Switch Was One Of Black Friday’s Biggest Sellers, Despite The Lack Of A Discount

Over the Black Friday weekend, a number of companies offered discounts on both hardware and [...]


Over the Black Friday weekend, a number of companies offered discounts on both hardware and software – namely Microsoft and Sony, who were offering the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Slim, respectively, for under $200 apiece.

But one company that didn't offer a discount on its hardware was Nintendo, as it noted that, with the Nintendo Switch being so fresh on the market, there was no real reason to mark it down for sales. And, boy, were they right.

Daniel Ahmad, who works as an analyst for Niko Partners, recently took to Twitter to explain that the Nintendo Switch has become one of the biggest sellers over the Black Friday weekend, based on numbers provided by Adobe Insights.

The full Adobe report can be found here, and while there are a number of statistics to take in (including breakdown in traffic numbers), the top five selling products on Black Friday showed Nintendo's dominance, free and clear.

According to the report, the Nintendo Switch firmly sits in the number one spot, followed by the Hatchimals and Colleggtibles; PJ Masks; Chromecast; and Roku. It's the only gaming device to land in the top five, despite the fact that the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 have huge sell-through numbers with their temporary markdowns.

Of course, the Nintendo Switch has been selling extremely well since its release, clearing out millions of units since its debut and riding high on the success of games like Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and countless others, both downloadable and retail. And that momentum won't slow anytime soon, as the highly anticipated sequel Xenoblade Chronicles 2 arrives for the system this Friday.

Nintendo estimates that the system will sell over 12 million units by the beginning of next year, eclipsing the Wii U units sold in its entire lifespan within less than a year. That sounds about right, since Nintendo is pretty much nailing everything about the Switch thus far. It should have an even bigger year in 2018 as well, with potential announcements for Metroid, Pokemon and possibly Super Smash Bros. to come.

We'll see what the future holds, but, for now, congrats to Nintendo!