Nintendo Switch Servers Will Likely Struggle on Christmas Day

Nintendo has warned that the Nintendo Switch servers that support online functionality for the platform may end up crashing to coincide with the upcoming Christmas holiday. Last year during Christmas, the Nintendo eShop as a whole ended up going down for a prolonged period of time due to the sheer number of people that were trying to access the storefront at a single time. And while it's hoped that this won't transpire once again in 2021, Nintendo is already warning Switch owners to expect the worst just in case. 

In a recent message shared to its Japanese customer service Twitter account, Nintendo indicated that it is expecting Nintendo Switch servers to struggle in the coming weekend. "This weekend, access will be concentrated on the server of Nintendo Account, and it is expected that Nintendo Account will not be created immediately," the company said in a message translater via Google. "If you are planning to use the Nintendo Switch family for the first time, we recommend that you create it in advance."

As Nintendo has suggested here, if you happen to have purchased a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, or the new Nintendo Switch OLED for someone in your life as a gift this year, it might be wise to boot up the console and, at the very least, download the latest update for the system ahead of time. And if you're buying this Switch for someone younger that would need assistance with creating an online profile, it might be best to go ahead and get that process done now as well. Doing so would ensure that these potential server annoyances that may pop up on Christmas day wouldn't impact your own enjoyment of the Switch this weekend. 

As we inch closer to Christmas, we'll be sure to keep an eye on the status of the servers for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. If anything major does end up happening with the console's online functionality when it comes to Christmas, we'll be sure to update you here on later this weekend.