Nintendo Switch Rhythm Game Masterpiece VOEZ Getting 18 New Songs in Free Update

(Photo: Circle Ent.)

One of my absolute favorite Nintendo Switch games is VOEZ, a rhythm game played entirely using Switch's touch-screen. VOEZ owners will be so pleased to know that an update is coming on June 1 that will add 18 new songs to the game, and the update is completely free! Check out a preview of all of the new songs in this video from publisher Circle End:

As mentioned in the tweet, one of the new songs included in the update is the theme song from Legend of Dark Witch, a series which has seen success on the 3DS. Circle Ent has put out another great rhythm game on the Switch called Dark Witch Music Episode Rudymical (weird name, we know). You can find the review for that game right here.

And to learn a little more about VOEZ, which all of you should pick up as soon as possible, here's a little bit from my review. Read the full thing here.

"For rhythm games, the true mark of greatness is a game's ability to fully immerse you in what I call 'flow.' If you can get completely absorbed in the music, completely lost in the interaction with and creation of that music, leaving the interface and game mechanics behind in your mind, that's when you know you're playing a great game. I'm happy to say that VOEZ is one of those games, and it offers the first truly great rhythm game experience for Nintendo Switch owners.

"Every time I turn on my Switch I end up loading up VOEZ. Whether I pop in for a quick 1-minute finger workout or spend hours pushing my limits and working on new high scores, I always end up losing myself in the music and having fun. Not since Rhythm Heaven Megamix have I been so enamored with a rhythm game, and I urge you all to check it out as soon as you can. You won't regret it."