Nintendo Reveals New Game and Special Guest Stars for Nintendo World Championships

Nintendo revealed some exciting new details about the Nintendo World Championships, which take place October 7. Joining this year's festivities will be WWE Superstar Bayley, actor and Super Smash Bros. tournament player Asa Butterfield, and the goings on will be hosted and presented by Andrea Rene. Tickets to the event are free, but good luck getting in. In addition to the world-class competition, Nintendo promises an eclectic celebration of all things Nintendo. Check out the new promo video above to get the lowdown!

"Nintendo World Championships 2017 is more than just another video game tournament," said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "It is a celebration of Nintendo games old and new, and Nintendo fans past and present. Kids, parents and gamers of all ages will be thrilled by the excitement of seeing who will come out on top."

It was revealed in the video that Metroid: Samus Returns will be joining this year's lineup of games, we assume in a speed-running capacity. Samus Returns is a challenging and action-packed game that will no doubt earn more than its fair share of devotees who memorize the world map like the back of their freaking hands, and as someone who loved the game very much (see our review here), I can't wait to see how the most talented players in the world rip that map apart.

If you plan on tuning in, the Nintendo World Championships will be broadcast live on October 7, starting at 5PM Eastern on Bookmark that site, and save the date, because this will be one gaming event that you won't want to miss. Let's make some history!

Oh by the way! Let's not forget that John Cena visited Nintendo, and no one knows why:


Could we see a surprise showdown between Bayley and John Cena?!