No More Heroes Creator on the Possibility of a TV or Movie Adaptation

Could a television series or movie be in the cards for the No More Heroes video game franchise? According to a recent interview about the release of No More Heroes III on the Nintendo Switch on August 27th with No More Heroes creator Goichi "Suda51" Suda, it's something that's been discussed and proposed multiple different times with one attempt getting so far as to cast the main character, but nothing's ever made it into production. That said, proposals for some kind of adaptation apparently come in all the time and he's still interested in the idea and would love to see a movie or TV series debut on a streaming service like Netflix.

"I've actually had a lot of offers and proposals for a No More Heroes movie or TV show over the years, and as of yet, not a single one has come to fruition," Suda51 recently told IGN as part of a larger interview featuring The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson. "No wait - to be exact, one of them actually came really close, but ended up not working out. We had actually gone so far as to decide on the actor to play the main character, but it never made it into production. But anyway, we get proposals like that all the time, so one of these days I'm hoping that we'll be able to make that dream a reality, and give everyone the No More Heroes movie or TV show that they want maybe on Amazon Prime or Netflix or something."

You can check out the full interview with Suda51 and Robertson below:

As of yet, no TV show or movie adaptation for the franchise has been announced, but with Netflix seriously ramping up its adaptations of video game franchises like Resident Evil, Castlevania, and more, who knows what might happen in the future. As noted above, No More Heroes III is set to release for the Nintendo Switch on August 27th. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the No More Heroes franchise right here.


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