Original First-Run Copy of 'Super Mario Bros.' for NES Sold for Over $100,000

Nostalgia pays, we can all see that with the plethora of remakes and returning franchises, but who would have thought that Super Mario Bros. could pay that well? How well, you may ask? Over $100,000!

The sealed box for the above sold game was part of a test-market run of the platform game which makes it incredibly rare and extremely valuable. It's not the first time a retro game fetched a high dollar amount, but give the previous entry sold for $30,000, that's a 70K stretch!

Though it's easy to see why such a rare item would be a hot commodity, we weren't the only ones to be floored by the whopping price tag:

Apparently, this find could potentially increase in value - up to a million dollars is the current projection:

Now, we've got to find the Legend of Zelda counterpart:


Like we said: Nostalgia pays.

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