Overboss Video Game Announced

Goblinz Studios has announced a digital edition of Overboss, the popular tile-drafting spinoff of Boss Monster. The new video game will be released for Steam and GOG in early 2023. The game uses a retro 8-bit style to emulate the old-school video games that inspired the board game's aesthetic. Players will draft tiles and then place monster and miniboss tokens, scoring points based on what kind of tokens they have and what monsters populate those monsters. The winner is determined once each player fills their personal board based on which monster has assembled the most powerful horde of monsters and lairs. A trailer for the game can be seen below.

Overboss is a spin-off of Boss Monster, a dungeon-building card game published by Brotherwise Games. That game features players assembling a dungeon filled with monsters and traps to defeat various adventurers. Players have to balance luring heroes into their dungeon with treasure while also filling it with enough traps and monsters to kill off the hero before it gets plundered. A player wins the game if they accumulate the souls of ten adventurers, but they lose if their Boss Monster takes five wounds from monsters who make it all the way to the end of the dungeon. Boss Monster's box art is inspired by classic Nintendo Entertainment System boxes, while the expansions use a box layout similar to Game Boy games. 

Overboss features several of the boss monsters of Boss Monsters, with an in-world goal of expanding their reach beyond their respective dungeons. 

You can sign up to be notified about future Overboss developments at the game's Steam page.


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