Overwatch D.Va Nano Challenge Now Live, Exclusive Skin

Are you ready to 'Nerf This?' because following D.Va's emotionally charged animated short, the [...]

Are you ready to "Nerf This?" because following D.Va's emotionally charged animated short, the Overwatch hero is setting up players for a new challenge all in the name of that delicious Nano Cola.

Overwatch fans have from now until September 10th to participate in order to earn exclusive sprays, a new icon, and even a chance for a special new skin for our favourite MEKA expert.

Ready to get started? All you have to do is login and get playing, no matter the platform! The catch is players must win a total of 9 matches which includes Competitive, Arcade, or Quickplay. Winning three unlocks special D.Va stickers, winning six awards players that spiffy new icon, and winning nine will award that sweet, sweet Nano Cola skin to show off while maintaining that objective.

Need even more D.Va in your life? Understandable! Check out the latest animated short 'Shooting Star' from Blizzard right here to see how our hero came to be the pro gamer we know and love. And don't forget that she's also got an officially licensed Nerf gun coming soon as well!

The latest animated short shows the rise of fame for the cutesy tank, showing how she plowed through the competition and became the capable hero we know and love. The latest animation also shows just how far Hanna's resolve goes when it comes to getting stronger and what happened to the rest of her squad.

Like the previous shorts, 'Shooting Star' shows off a much deeper story to allow players to gain a firmer understanding of how these heroes came to be in Overwatch in the fight against Talon. It's all fun and games until it's suddenly not and then ... that's when activates her defense matrix and everything suddenly gets more real.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Will you be partaking in the new Nano Cola challenge? Sound off with your thoughts on our lovable hero in the comment section below and tell us what neat events you'd like to see from the devs next!