PewDiePie Fans Vandalize War Memorial

Some of PewDiePie’s supporters appear to have defaced a World War II memorial with messages that urge people to subscribe to the YouTube star.

The Brooklyn War Memorial in Cadman Plaza Park is the monument that’s been vandalized with “Subscribe to PewDiePie” messages. People first began bringing attention to the vandalized monument through posts like the one below that showed the same phrase written several times on the memorial. It appears as though the message was either scrawled on the wall with chalk or scratched in with a rock, so while the problem could potentially be fixed easily, it’s the act itself that’s upset people.

Someone has been defacing the WWII Memorial in Cadman Plaza with PewDiePie graffiti from r/Brooklyn

“Subscribe to PewDiePie” is a message that’s appeared many places in recent months as the YouTube subscriber battle between PewDiePie and rival channel T-Series rages. PewDiePie has maintained a lead so far on T-Series, an Indian music channel that constantly threatens his place at the top of YouTube, aside from one setback where T-Series briefly overtook PewDiePie. During the competition, PewDiePie’s enlisted the help of individuals like Elon Musk to help him and has also streamed popular games like Fortnite and even Minecraft to bring in subscribers.

The video above is one example of the many times PewDiePie’s addressed his followers about the T-Series rivalry. During this segment of Pew News, PewDiePie addressed a situation where printers were hacked to print out messages that encouraged people to subscribe to the YouTuber just like the ones seen on the World War II monument above. Another wave of printer hacks happened again later on with over 100,000 printers reportedly hacked to print similar messages. During PewDiePie’s news update from December 2018, the YouTuber thanked people for the support but asked them not to do anything illegal.

“That’s what I need. That’s what I’m talking about,” PewDiePie said about the printer hacks that raised awareness for his YouTube battle. “All the support to keep me on top is so funny. I love it. Please keep it up. Just don’t do anything illegal, okay? ‘Cause that will look bad on me. That’s the only reason.”



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