PewDiePie Reaches 90 Million Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube sensation Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has reached yet another YouTube milestone by amassing over 90 million followers, a first for any content creator on the platform. The jump to that number comes just a few months after PewDiePie reached 80 million subscribers in January and owes its thanks in no small part to the ongoing battle the YouTuber has against T-Series, the Indian music channel that constantly looks like it’s about to overtake PewDiePie and remove him from the top of YouTube.

Several tracking tools like Social Blade will show subscribers in real-time with updates ever second to show who’s on top, but simply taking a quick look at PewDiePie’s YouTube channel will show that the YouTuber has crossed the 90 million subscriber threshold. The content creator currently sits at 90,003,805 subscribers, according to YouTube’s stats at the time this is written, but that number constantly fluctuates as quickly as the page can be refreshed.

PewDiePie hasn’t remained totally safe from T-Series during his climb to 90 million subscribers either with the rival channel at times succeeding in having more subscribers. The YouTuber was overtaken by the channel once, beaten again afterwards, and the most recent setback from the weekend saw T-Series once more overtake the lead. T-Series couldn’t beat PewDiePie to the milestone though – which likely would’ve been a much more surprising story – and still has not yet reached 90 million subscribers.


A handy “subgap” Twitter account for PewDiePie supporters keeps people updated on the gap between the two channels and alerts them if the gap becomes too close for comfort. The account alerted people to the T-Series lead recently to call in reinforcements and celebrated the 90 million subscriber accomplishment when it occurred.

PewDiePie’s race against T-Series to stay on top has been a well-documented one with controversies like printer hacks and Fortnite streams being some of the most notable occurrences. A game highlighting PewDiePie’s fight against T-Series was also made recently, that game being acknowledged by the YouTuber in the video at the top.