Phasmophobia Update Lets Ghosts Physically Touch Some Players

Phasmophobia’s latest beta update has the chance to be one of the creepiest releases yet, but [...]

Phasmophobia's latest beta update has the chance to be one of the creepiest releases yet, but only if you've got the right equipment to take advantage of it. The beta update adds support for bHaptics, a haptic suit that allows players to feel physical responses while playing supported games. For those who do have one of these innovative suits, you'll be able to feel the game's entities actually touch you while you're off on your ghost hunts.

The note about the support for bHaptics was included in the breakdown of the game's latest beta release which was shared on social media. The Phasmophobia team said the beta release is out now and specifically called out the bHaptics support as one of the release's more notable features.

Those bHaptics suits don't come cheap, however, so we likely won't be seeing a ton of players taking advantage of this feature right away. A vest alone will run you around $300 or $500 depending on how involved you want it to be, but perhaps this update and the expanded support for bHaptics promised in the future will make the prospect of ghosts touching you a bit more enticing and accessible.

You can see the full patch notes for the game's latest beta update below:


  • Optimised how the Salt spawns in. This optimisation will be added to all equipment spawning in a future update which will fix a lot of disconnects after loading.
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost would not leave any EMF if the host was dead.
  • Fixed a bug where the heartbeat sound could play when you were outside.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were holding a lit candle your sanity would drain in some locations.
  • Potential fix for items not spawning in if the host disconnected when loading.
  • Fixed a bug where the photo evidence wouldn't always be for the evidence that is closest in the photo.
  • Potential fix for ghost orbs sometimes moving inside the rooms floor rather than the middle of the room.
  • Fixed an issue where the CCTV monitor was changing cameras whenever a camera got turned on or off.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't play offline if you failed to connect to the authentication servers.
  • Fixed a bug where VR players had a white glare around their vision.
  • Fixed an issue where the default VR hand rotation when you weren't grabbing something was rotated the wrong way.
  • Potential fix for drawers and doors sometimes spawning outside in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost would still interact with objects far away if the object was grabbed near it.
  • Fixed a bug where you could hold down the radio and talk during a hunt. Your voice will now be instantly cut off.
  • Fixed a bug where the room temperatures would lower before you unlocked the main door on Amateur and Intermediate.
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost wouldn't always lower its current rooms temperature to below freezing.
  • Fixed a bug where VR dead bodies didn't spawn.


  • The Crucifix will now have a visual change with each use instead of disappearing with it's final use.
  • The photo reward values now use a quality level which is based on the distance you took the photo rather than the reward being random. This quality level will show in the Journal.
  • Each player will now have a unique colour on the mini map and sanity monitor.
  • To fix some graphical issues with VR the rendering path has been changed from deferred to forward rendering. This may have a big impact on performance so please let me know what the effect of this is in the #vr-troubleshooting channel.


  • The ghost will now have a chance to blow out candles if they are close and the room lights are off.
  • Added 5 new objectives:
    • Detect a Ghost presence with a candle
    • Detect Ghost footsteps with a parabolic mic during a hunt
    • Intermediate and Professional: Escape the Ghost during a hunt with no deaths
    • Professional: Use a smudge stick while the ghost is hunting a player
    • Multiplayer: Get an average sanity below 25%.
  • Added support for bHaptics tact suits and face covers. Full implementation will be a gradual process over time however the majority of haptics are in.
  • With the VR change to forward rendering MSAA can now be used with VR and will default to 4xMSAA if enabled. This will be effected by the same "Anti Aliasing" graphics option as before so please make sure you have the correct option selected for your pc as this will
  • have an impact on performance.