PlayStation 4 Rumored to Add Several Big Features

PlayStation 4 users are supposed to be getting some big new features soon, assuming a recent rumor is accurate. Though the lifespan of the current console appears to be moving towards its end, the highly-requested features that are supposed to be coming to the platform are a prime case of better late than never. Features like the ability to track time spent in a game and a gifting option for the PlayStation Store were among the changes rumored to come to the PlayStation 4.

A Twitter user by the name of Tidux who’s shared rumors and leaked information pertaining to the PlayStation family of consoles in the past is the source for the possible insight into an upcoming PlayStation 4 update. The user shared a list of features which they say are coming to the PlayStation 4’s interface. The four features include there are the ability to create a wishlist and gift games in the store, time logs and stats for games played, trophy progression, and the ability to pin games on the dashboard.

The information hasn’t been confirmed by any sort of announcement from Sony, so it’s very much a rumor at this time. It’ll be a big update if all these features are indeed coming to the console, so one would expect Sony would make sure people knew these things were coming if the rumor is accurate. Tidux also has a history of sharing information about PlayStation updates, though the user hasn’t always been certain of every detail. They accurately said the name change feature was coming back in September 2018 just a month before Sony officially announced the feature that eventually arrived in April 2019.

PlayStation’s latest update for the console was 6.51 and was released over a month ago, so look for the notes from a future update to see if these features are included.



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