PlayStation Seemingly Teases More Games for PC

PlayStation is set to continue its trend of bringing some of its first-party releases to the PC [...]

PlayStation is set to continue its trend of bringing some of its first-party releases to the PC platform next month when Days Gone releases on Steam. Ahead of that time, however, a new page on Valve's platform has now appeared in proximity to the launch which might be indicating that more PlayStation titles could soon be heading to the marketplace. While PlayStation itself has yet to announce anything official, it looks like it might not be long before a new development associated with PC could be coming about.

Within the past day, an official new page for PlayStation Studios has appeared on Steam. At this point in time, the page itself isn't too vast and only contains listings for a handful of titles associated with the company that have come to PC. Of these games, Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn are surely the most notable games that appear on the list.

What makes the page a bit more interesting comes in its "About" section. According to this part of the page, it says that 41 pieces of content (which includes both full games and DLC) are available from PlayStation Studios on Steam. When you total up the actual amount of content that can be bought right this moment, however, it only totals 24. So clearly, this seems to suggest that PlayStation Studios may have already started to upload hidden pages for future games that may be coming to PC.

The notion that PlayStation as a whole is going to continue to bring games to this platform is something we've already heard about quite a bit this year. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said earlier this year that Sony is going to be adding more titles to PC in the future. While that initiative is merely beginning this year with Days Gone, Ryan told fans to "stay tuned" for when it might have more to share.

Even though E3 2021 is set to take place next month, PlayStation itself won't be involved with the event, making it a bit hard to know when we might hear more from the publisher regarding future PC releases. Despite this, if more first-party PlayStation games are going to hit PC within due time, which titles are you hoping to see eventually make the leap? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.