Iconic PlayStation Logo Sound Creator Passes Away

For decades now, the PlayStation logo has been accompanied by an iconic jingle. It's a very simple sound, but anytime it appears in a commercial or trailer, fans immediately know that a PlayStation product will be featured. Composed by musician Tohru Okada, that sound will remain forever associated with the brand. Okada's musical legacy goes far beyond that simple jingle, as he also helped form the band Moonriders. Sadly, Okada's bandmates shared news of his passing on Twitter today, alongside an image of the legendary composer.

The Tweet from the Moonriders can be found embedded below. For those unfamiliar with the jingle, a video showcasing it can be found at the top of this page. 

According to reporting from Japanese outlet Excite (via Kotaku), Okada passed away on February 14th at the age of 73. His cause of death was reportedly heart failure. In addition to creating the PlayStation logo jingle, Okada also provided music for a commercial for the original Crash Bandicoot game, which readers can find right here.

What's truly amazing about Okada's jingle is just how enduring its proven, despite its simplicity. The logo sound's long association with the PlayStation brand is a testament to just how memorable it is. It takes a lot of skill and effort to create a jingle that becomes part of popular culture, and most of them end up fading into obscurity after a short period. It's a safe bet Okada didn't know how long lasting that sound would become when he created it, and how recognizable it would be throughout the world. In an industry that too often forgets its creatives, it's also nice that Okada's contribution has been recognized by many gaming outlets today. There are far too many gaming icons that end up forgotten, but Okada's jingle has resulted in a lot of recognition.

When PlayStation first entered the gaming industry, no one could have predicted how successful the brand would become. As PlayStation continues to find new fans throughout the world, it's a safe bet that Okada's logo sound will live on!

[H/T: Push Square]