The Pokemon Company Is Creating Its Own Company Museum

A recent job listing has revealed that The Pokemon Company is developing its own company Archive and Museum. Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company posted a job listing for an official Archivist, who will help establish and develop and "internal TPCi Company Archive and Museum." The new position will be in charge of developing the archive from the ground up, with assistance from the Pokemon Trading Card Game team's Game Data Librarian. Not only will they help preserve and store the archive's items, they'll also help construct the actual physical archive location. 

We'll note that this doesn't appear to be for a museum that will be open to the public, but rather an archive that employees and select guests can access for official projects. This also isn't that unusual – Wizards of the Coast, for instance, has an official company library with Dungeons & Dragons material. Frankly, we're more surprised that The Pokemon Company doesn't already have an official archive of some kind, although the job listing suggests that there is at least some catalog of Pokemon cards. 

Honestly, this sounds like a dream job, especially for a millennial-aged librarian or archivist looking to build one of the most unique collections of Pokemon material in the world. Not only would they have access to undoubtedly rare Pokemon research material and artifacts, they'd also have the backing to seek out those super-rare pieces that are currently in the hands of collectors. Here's hoping that The Pokemon Company is willing to shell out some money for those ultra-rare Pikachu Illustrator cards or a First Edition Charizard. 

Those interested in applying for the position should have 3-4 years of experience, as well as an understanding of the Pokemon franchise and the Pokemon Trading Card Game. You can check out the full job listing here.