'Pokemon Go' Adds Surprise Legendary Pokemon Into the Wild

Pokemon Go has seemingly added several new Legendary Pokemon to the game. Earlier today, a Pokemon Go player reported finding and catching the Legendary Pokemon Azelf in the wild in Arlington, VA. Azelf is one third of the "Lake Guardian" trio, a group of Legendary Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. While the player's claims were quickly dismissed by Reddit, Pokemon Go confirmed via Twitter that Azelf and its counterparts Uxie and Mesprit were appearing in the wild. Shortly after the tweet, players also found a Uxie in the wild somewhere in Asia.

This is a big deal for Pokemon Go, as it's the first time that the game has added Legendary Pokemon into the game as a catchable Pokemon in the wild. Previously, Legendary Pokemon could only be caught either after beating them in a Raid Battle or by making a Research Breakthrough by completing Field Research on seven different days.

As of right now, we don't have any other additional details about how or why these Pokemon spawn. We don't know if they're regional Pokemon, or if they only appear under certain weather conditions. Stay tuned and we


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