Pokemon Go's Equinox Event Has a Small Hiccup

Pokemon Go players who were looking forward to loading up on Stardust yesterday had to wait a little longer than expected.

While Pokemon Go advertised that players could earn double stardust during its just started Equinox event, players quickly discovered they were getting jipped. For the first hour or so of the event, players were only getting an extra 100 Stardust instead of the full doubled amount as promised.

Stardust is used (along with Candies) to power up Pokemon. While players can earn Stardust for a variety of activities, many active players have long complained about its scarcity as the amount of Stardust needed to level up a Pokemon increases as they get stronger.

Experienced players were upset at the prospect that they wouldn't have an opportunity to restock their Stardust reservoirs, but players were quickly calmed down when developers corrected the issue less than an hour into the start of the event.

Niantic acknowledged the issue and the fix in a tweet made last night.

Although it's pretty silly that Pokemon Go couldn't even get its own event right on the first try, players should take a little bit of comfort in that developers identified the issue and fixed it in less than an hour. What could have turned into another area of consternation instead became a minor hiccup in what players hope will be a fun and productive couple of weeks.

Players can also earn triple XP for catching new species of Pokemon during the equinox event, as well as hatch special 2 KM eggs that have rare species inside of them. The event runs through October 2nd.




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