Pokemon Go's New Weather Feature Has Some Extreme Warnings

Pokemon Go really doesn't want you to go outside during "extreme" weather...even if it's hard to understand what their definition of "extreme" is.

Yesterday, Pokemon Go added a new dynamic weather feature that causes Pokemon spawns to change based on the weather. Certain types of Pokemon will appear more often under certain weather conditions, and some attacks will get power boosts because of the weather.

However, instead of getting a boost because of sunny or snowy weather, some Pokemon Go players are actually being discouraged from players. Many players have reported getting an "extreme weather" warning on their Pokemon Go app. When the warning appears, weather spawns won't appear and no Pokemon get extra attack boosts.

While the extreme weather warning seems well-intentioned (for instance, the weather warning went out in areas affected by the recent wildfires in California,) Pokemon Go was a bit overzealous in which areas received got the warning. Here's just a few of the many examples of "extreme" weather that Pokemon Go players experienced yesterday:

Clearly, Pokemon Go's new dynamic weather system still has a few kinks to work out. While it makes sense to discourage players from going out in dangerous weather, a little more nuance might be necessary for these warnings to work.


We'll see if Niantic responds to the many complaints about this new warning system soon. In the meantime, make sure that you check the weather before going Pokemon hunting.