Pokemon Go Will Let Players Vote to Determine February Community Day's Featured Pokemon

Pokemon Go is holding an election to determine the subject of February's Community Day. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that the subject of February's Community Day would be decided by community vote, with players choosing between Vulpix, Machop, Rhyhorn, and Dratini. Players will "vote" on February 1st by completing certain kinds of Field Research, each of which corresponds with a different Pokemon. The winning Pokemon will be announced on February 3rd, and will be featured on February's Community Day event on February 22nd.

Each of the four candidates will come with different special moves that can be learned during the Community Day event, which might influence players' choices. Vulpix will know either Fire Weather Ball or Ice Weather Ball (depending on whether its the Kanto or Alola version) when evolved into Ninetales. Machop will learn the Dark-type move Payback when evolved into Machamp to help it deal with Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokemon. Rhyhorn will learn the signature move Rock Wrecker when evolved into Rhyperior, while Dratini leans the Fighting-type move Superpower to help it against Ice-type and Rock-type Pokemon. The winning Pokemon will also have its Shiny variant added to the game if not available.

In order to vote, players will need to complete a special "Catch 20 Pokemon" field research task that contains the name with the Pokemon they want to see win. Every PokeStop on February 1st will have one of the four Field Research tasks, and Pokemon Go has promised that the four field research tasks would be distributed evenly across PokeStops. Players can "vote" as much as they'd like by completing as much research as they can on February 1st.


While the selection process is a bit convoluted, we'll admit that this is an interesting change of pace for Community Day. Although some Pokemon Go fans will be disappointed that the game isn't adding more "Gen 4" or "Gen 5" Pokemon via Community Day, we appreciate that developers are putting the decision in the hands of the players.

The Community Day voting event will take place February 1st from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM local time.