'Pokemon Go' Grandpa Who Plays With 11 Phones Goes Viral

A grandfather in Taiwan is going viral after images surfaced of his self-made ultimate Pokemon Go [...]

A grandfather in Taiwan is going viral after images surfaced of his self-made ultimate Pokemon Go playing station. In the video above from EXP.GG, you can see Chen San-yuan answering questions about how he manages all of those devices, why he has so many, and how he manages his spending on the game. As you might imagine, he spends quite a bit, but this has obviously evolved into more than a hobby for him.

The first question that pretty much everyone has when seeing all of those glowing screens mounted to the bike is, "How the heck are you keeping all of those phones charged?" The answer? Plenty of portable batteries. "I used to use a regular portable charger," he says in the video. "Now I play a lot. I have to use these special ones. I have regular ones and special ones with me. Special ones can charge 20 hours [per phone]."

Obviously this man has poured quite a bit of his expendable income in to his Pokemon Go habit, and that money isn't just going to batteries and phone mounts (although those expenses had to be sizable). He's also spending money in-game, and quite a lot of it. When asked how much he was spending, he was a bit sheepish in answering: "More or less. I can't play if I don't. About ten thousand per month." That works out to a little over $1,000 USD a month. This is the kind of person who Niantic loves.

And if you watch, he's actually a legit Pokemon fan! This isn't just an old man addicted to a mobile phone game; he actually knows his Pokemon. If you start around the 1:48 mark, you can see the YouTube channel hosts start to quiz the man with some flashcards containing illustrations of various Pokemon. He pretty much nails them all. They even try to stump him by throwing in a Digimon, and by putting up some fake "Who's that Pokemon!?" silhouettes. This guy really does know his stuff! I guess when you spend dozens of hours a week staring at these creatures, you get to know them a bit.

He's earned quite a few fans:

God bless 'em.

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