Groudon Officially Coming in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has a new Legendary Pokemon.

Moments ago, Pokemon Go announced that Groudon will start appearing as a Legendary Raid Boss for the next month. Groudon will be the game's newest Level 5 Raid Boss from now through January 15th.

We speculated earlier today that Groudon would be appearing soon based on several clues found inside Pokemon Go's code. Not only did developers update Groudon's 3D model, they had also recently "nerfed" Groudon's stats by making it a bit less powerful.

Groudon is Pokemon Go's first ever Ground-Type Legendary Pokemon and could also be one of the first Pokemon to carry over its signature move. Pokemon Go added Precipice Blades, a powerful Ground-Type attack to the game, when updating the game's moveset for the new generation of Pokemon.

Groudon was the mascot Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Ruby and was at the heart of Team Magma's plan to conquer the Hoenn region. Team Magma wanted to use Groudon's special ability to evaporate parts of the ocean and actually expand landmass to give Pokemon more room to live.


We'll have more information on how to beat Groudon once it officially starts popping up in the game and its moveset can be confirmed. We're also waiting to see if Groudon can be caught in its Shiny variant, as a Shiny version of the Pokemon was also added to various image assets.

Players will have one month to catch Groudon, but it might be best to act soon before the weather gets colder and people start celebrating the holidays. Good luck, Pokemon Go trainers!