Pokemon Go Trailer Hints at Signature Moves for Legendary Pokemon

The Pokemon Go fanbase is all hyped up this morning thanks to the official announcement that Legendary Pokemon were finally coming to the game after over a year of waiting.

To announce the news, Niantic released a new live-action trailer to give players a hint about how Legendary Pokemon Raids will work. The two minute commercial shows a large crowd of players battling all five Legendary Birds in an epic free-for-all battle.

However, while Niantic released the trailer to get fans hyped for the upcoming release, they also added an Easter Egg that teases at the introduction of new exclusive moves for some of the Legendary Pokemon.

In the trailer, Lugia and Ho-Oh both appear to use the moves Aeroblast and Sacred Fire while fighting off the legions of Pokemon trying to weaken them. Sacred Fire is recognizable by its distinctive blue flame, while Aeroblast notably has several circlets of energy spreading from its destructive beam.

Hardcore Pokemon fans will recognize those attacks as their respective "signature moves," special moves that can only be used by a specific species of Pokemon.

Interestingly, neither Aeroblast nor Sacred Fire are currently in Pokemon Go, so Niantic would need to update the GAME_MASTER file (which contains all the movesets and stats for Pokemon within the game) if these attacks were to be part of Lugia and Ho-Oh's arsenal. Luckily, GAME_MASTER updates won't require players to download a new update as Niantic can make the changes remotely.


We'll have to wait until this weekend to learn more about the Legendary Pokemon and their fearsome abilities. Keep following WWG for all your Legendary Pokemon Go news.

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