Pokemon Go's Machop Community Day is Today

Pokemon Go players can participate in today's Community Day event, which features Machop and its [...]

Pokemon Go players can participate in today's Community Day event, which features Machop and its evolved form. From 11 AM to 5 PM local time, Pokemon Go will host its monthly Community Day event, which offers players a chance to stockpile a particular family of Pokemon. Today's event focuses on Machop, a beloved "Gen 1" Pokemon, that evolves into the always useful Machamp. During the event, players can also hunt for a Shiny Machop and take advantage of a few short-term bonuses. Here's the rundown on what you need to know about today's Community Day event:

Machop Community Day Times and Dates

The Machop Community Day runs from 11 AM to 5 PM local time today (January 16, 2021.)

Machop Community Day - Featured Move

When players evolve a Machoke into a Machamp during the event, it will automatically know the Dark-type move Payback. This move gives Machamp a valuable counter to Psychic-type and Ghost-type Pokemon, which it is usually weak to. While it's not necessarily an "upgrade" from Machamp's ideal movesets, it still has some viability in Great League and Ultra League, and could become even more useful in future limited-time cup formats dominated by Ghost-type or Psychic-type Pokemon.

Machop Community Day - Shiny Machop

Shiny Machop has a noticeably lighter skin than a normal Machop, which has dark grey skin. Shiny Machop's greenish-gold skin is passed on to Machoke and Machamp. You can check out an image of a Shiny Machop in Pokemon Go below.

shiny machop
(Photo: Pokemon Go)

Machop Community Day - Other Bonuses

The Machop Community Day comes with three distinct bonuses. The first is the standard increased Incense time that comes with every Community Day event. The second bonus is that players will get three times as much Stardust when they catch Pokemon.

The final bonus is that trading distance during the event will be increased to 40 KM. This is to help players trade Machoke during the event while maintaining social distance. When players trade a Machoke, that Machoke can be evolved without spending any candy. As Machoke usually cost 100 Candies to evolve, this is a great bonus to take advantage of.

Next Community Day

Pokemon Go's February Community Day will feature Roselia. For the first time ever, the Community Day event will feature two event-exclusive moves: the quick move Bullet Seed and the charge move Weather Ball (Fire-type). February's Community Day will take place on February 7th.