Pokemon Go: March 2021 Community Day Plans Announced

Pokemon Go's next Community Day will focus on Fletchling, developer Niantic has announced. Pokemon Go's March Community Day, which will take place on March 6th and focus on the Gen 6 Pokemon Fletchling, will introduce the Shiny variant of Fletchling, making it one of the first Kalos Pokemon to receive a Shiny form, and will give Talonflame the exclusive Charged Move Incinerate. Players will also benefit from a 3x Catch XP Bonus, increased Incense length, and access to a $1 Special Research story and a special Community Day Box containing 50 Ultra Balls, 5 Lucky Eggs, a poffin, and an Elite Fast TM.

March's Community Day marks a major shift in Pokemon Go's recent Community Day strategy. Not only is this the first time that a Community Day event has introduced a new Shiny Pokemon to the game in six months, it also marks a departure from the game's recent concentration on Pokemon originally found in the Kanto region. The 3x Catch XP bonus also provides players with a chance to get up to 6,000 XP per catch when paired with a Lucky Egg.

From a PvP perspective, a Talonflame with Incinerate should have a lot of usage in both Great League and Ultra League although the speed of Incinerate and the cost of leveling Talonflame up to a 2,500 CP might work against it on a practical standpoint.

Prior to the Community Day event, Pokemon Go players can look forward to this weekend's Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event, a ticketed event that gives players the chance to capture Shiny versions of all 150 original Pokemon. The game also has a Kanto Celebration event in the coming weeks, and is currently celebrating its annual Valentine's Day event.


The March Community Day will take place on March 6th from 11 AM to 5 PM.