Pokemon Go Teases Mega Mewtwo, Gen 7 Starter Pokemon in New Artwork

Pokemon Go is teasing the appearance of Mega Mewtwo and Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon in a new piece of artwork released earlier today. Niantic released its annual Anniversary artwork to celebrate the game's fifth birthday. The new artwork (shown below) depicts Professor Willow and the various team leads surrounded by various Pokemon. Many of the Pokemon are recent additions to the game, such as Summer Form Sawsbuck, the Therian Forme Forces of Nature, Goomy, and Sylveon. Other Pokemon appearing in the artwork have not appeared in the game, such as the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta (which will appear at this month's Pokemon Go Fest event), the Alolan Starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon, and Mega Mewtwo X. You can check out the artwork below.

Pokemon Go has used its anniversary artwork to tease various upcoming Pokemon and features. While Mega Mewtwo X is certainly a big tease, many fans are excited for the introduction of new Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon, a game that launched after Pokemon Go's initial release. Technically, some Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon have already appeared in Pokemon Go - the game introduced Alolan variants of existing Pokemon years ago. However, adding popular Pokemon like Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio should excite many players.


To celebrate the game's 5th anniversary, Pokemon Go is hosting an Anniversary Event, featuring increased appearances of existing Starter Pokemon and the appearance of a Flying Pikachu that uses 5-shaped balloons. The event will also add Shiny Daramuka to the game, as well as the return of Shiny Meltan. The Fifth Anniversary Event is a lead-in to the game's annual Pokemon Go Fest event, which takes place on July 17th and 18th. Pokemon Go Fest will feature the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta as well as multiple region-exclusive and costumed Pokemon. Every Legendary Pokemon currently available in the game will also be available to all players as Raid Bosses during July 18th of that event. Tickets to Pokemon Go Fest costs $5 and can be purchased from the game's in-game store.